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With two games of league play remaining, the 2016 Cougar Varsity Baseball team has a home game this Wednesday May 4 against the current first place St. Joseph Notre Dame. A win over the Pilots could place both teams into a tie for the title if both teams win their games on Friday.

 In a stunning announcement during an Albany High School teacher conference, assistant principal Kevin Goines said former AHS student and rapper, Lil B, will return to AHS as the new AP Music Theory teacher.  AP Music Theory is being added to the list of classes offered in the 2016/17 year.

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has recently signed a state law that requires all public high schools administer drug tests to all student athletes and students who participate in academic extracurricular activities. Brown hopes to reduce the use of performance enhancing drugs, prescription drugs, and drugs sold on the streets among students.

 The crowded theater falls to a hush as the lights begin to dim. The audience squirms in their seats as they make last minute preparations, quietly taking out their cameras and turning off their cell phones. A murmur of anticipation settles over the audience as they wait for the dancers to come onstage.

A world in which everyone agrees with each other doesn’t exist. And if it did, life would be pretty damn boring. During the week of December 20, 2015 a large art installation by sophomore Kyla Dullum, hanging in the first floor hallway was hard to miss.

Finals Success Made Simple!

  Love ’em or hate em, they are here:  Fall Semester Finals.  Senior (and insanely organized) Perry Nalle offers these tips for making the most of January 19-22.  Good luck!

Why We Run

Albany High School is home to plenty of runners, ranging from serious club and team runners to casual joggers. Running is a common hobby, but so many people still call into question the mental sanity of those who run. So why is it that there is such a split, with people either loving or despising…

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