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A Sliver of Cheeseboard

Berkeley is home to numerous pizza options. Though great pizza can be found in places such as Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, Fat Slice, Blondie’s, and Arinell’s, two establishments stand out as arguably the best pizza in the world: The Cheese Board and Sliver.

Calling all Cliques

The character Janis Ian in the film Mean Girls famously described high school cliques ranging from “preps” to “varsity jocks” to “desperate wannabes” to “Plastics.” But are the film representations of cliques what happen at most schools? As it turns out, their representations are very close to reality.

The great teacher Socrates once said, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” There is an award-winning, California Distinguished Teacher at Albany High School who agrees with that. His name is Richard Ventura Uhsmann.

Fall Sports Stars Named

Each season, coaches in the Tri-County Athletic League (TCAL) convene to recognize athletes that exhibited great prowess and finesse, along with outstanding good sportsmanship during the season.  Players can be selected for First Team All League, Second Team All League, MVP Offense, MVP Defense, or they can be given an Honorable Mention.

There is excitement in the air at Albany High School as the winter sports season starts. Men’s Basketball is a big source of this energy. With a 22-5 record last year, there is a lot of promise for the upcoming season.

If the Shoe Fits

The cross country team wrapped up the 2014 season on Thursday, November 6 with two first place team finishes, one second, and two third.

Where Albany Goes to College

One of the most anticipated journalism articles of the year is the senior college map, showing where graduating seniors are going to college. Last year, now senior David Harrison conducted a ten-year statistical analysis of where, geographically speaking, Albany High School graduates go to college.

Driving Each Other Crazy

The Classes of 2015 and 2016 don’t love each other, but live in relative harmony. Or at least they try to. This class rivalry is partially fueled by driving. It appears that more juniors drive cars this year, which has created tension between juniors and seniors who drive to school.