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In pressing for the later start, concerned educators and parents, serving on the school district’s Wellness Committee, cited compelling scientific research noting that teenagers have fundamentally different sleep patterns than adults. Through later start times, this research argues, students would have a better chance to get the sleep they need and, hopefully, improve general well-being,…

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Giant Appetite

What’s there to do to in Albany when the sun goes down? You can always stay at home and finish your homework, but do you really want to spend your evening solving polynomials? “LateNight” explores the aspects of Albany nightlife that don’t involve a textbook. This time, we head over to Nation’s Giant Hamburgers.

Sometimes I don’t want to be at this high school, and it is not because I’m a senior and am ready to move on to college. Well, maybe a little bit, but my problem is mostly the sheer ignorance and stupidity of some of my peers and the blind eye turned by the rest of…

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A Sliver of Cheeseboard

Berkeley is home to numerous pizza options. Though great pizza can be found in places such as Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, Fat Slice, Blondie’s, and Arinell’s, two establishments stand out as arguably the best pizza in the world: The Cheese Board and Sliver.

Calling all Cliques

The character Janis Ian in the film Mean Girls famously described high school cliques ranging from “preps” to “varsity jocks” to “desperate wannabes” to “Plastics.” But are the film representations of cliques what happen at most schools? As it turns out, their representations are very close to reality.