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 The crowded theater falls to a hush as the lights begin to dim. The audience squirms in their seats as they make last minute preparations, quietly taking out their cameras and turning off their cell phones. A murmur of anticipation settles over the audience as they wait for the dancers to come onstage.

After a Friday night football game I walked home with some classmates who lived in the same general direction. We made small talk, mostly conversing about school. The last thing I expected from that night was to walk away in acrimony.

Her fingers pluck at the gu zheng (古箏) with care, each string vibrating as she plays a traditional Chinese folk song. The melodic sound of the stringed instrument is a calming escape from the hustle of school.

Through Her Eyes

As the class of 2015 heads towards its June 12 graduation, The Cougar thought it timely to explore the perspectives of several strong women – mothers, daughters, and teachers – and their experiences with identity, discrimination, and hopes for the future.

This year, Frank Brown’s senior government class was assigned a civic action project in which they attempted to take action on an issue tied to public policy. Julia Dinglasan decided to try to change Albany High School’s dress code.

Video games have been around for decades, and are commonly thought of just a hobby, a fun activity. Over time as the market became more and more complex, so did the subject matter.

Shoe-in Business

Like many high schoolers, Albany students participate in many different sports and clubs. Unlike many high schoolers, some Albany students stand out by participating in various jobs and hobbies outside of school. A perfect example is sophomore Michael Javier.