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As the year 2016 starts, there are a lot of things to rejoice about. Seniors are no longer spending their days crying over deadlines at their computers. The painful advent of junior year’s AP classes has lost its novelty. Freshmen no longer find themselves trying to attend first period on a Wednesday. What’s more, Albany High’s journalism class is working harder than ever before to bring you new web articles, social media updates, and even plans to publish in print in the near future.

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AHS Jazz Band celebrates 2016

The intellectual fires here in Room 109A can be difficult to ignite. As editors, we’ve been forced to shoulder the collective burdens of working hard as deadlines zoom closer and closer. We’ve learned that interviews can be complicated to schedule, layouts can be difficult to pull together, but that there’s no unfinished article that one (or two, or three) cups of coffee can’t fix. Our work through this semester has brought us out with a firmer grip on reality. Gratitude for such an experience must be given to our advisor, Mr. Purdom, who deliberately made sure his two new editors were exposed to the “real world.”

Considering we are upon another semester of school, these articles discuss events affecting Albany High School’s community and its inner workings. Here at AHS, there are a vast number of different groups, both for students and teachers alike: clubs, teams, classes, sports, music, and shared passions all serve to unite different members of the AHS population. We hope to have highlighted some of our school’s many communities and events occurring in the greater community of AHS and Albany Unified School District.  Every few weeks, new articles about AHS communities will be published online.

Each student experiences AHS and what it offers differently. Many have found and created meaningful communities with ease. Others need guidance in their search for a supportive group. We hope that by celebrating the accomplishments and originalities of individuals and groups at AHS, everyone will remember the importance of being a considerate and supportive member of the AHS Community.