Is There a Cure For Senioritis?

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Every year, a new class of seniors at high schools across the country becomes infected with an illness. This illness is senioritis, and Albany High School is not immune to it.

Though most associate senioritis with an affliction that students get during the second semester of senior year, many first semester seniors report already exhibiting the symptoms, which include, but are not limited to: increasing absences, neglecting homework and classwork, declining grades, sleeping more in class, wearing sweatpants excessively, being generally lazy, and lacking motivation in school.

When asked if anything can or should be done to counter the effects of senioritis, senior Lily Li said: “Senioritis is a hopeless cause. There is no cure and no way to treat the symptoms. The only thing the school can do now is pray for the souls of the Class of 2015.”

Senior Lily Li is already experiencing the effects of senioritis.

Senior Lily Li is already experiencing the effects of senioritis.

Her sentiment is not uncommon; the general consensus of Albany High seniors is that senioritis is natural and inevitable. In addition, many seniors believe that after making it through the past three years of high school, they have earned the right to slack off.

One such senior is Legeng Liu, who said: “Teachers should definitely remind seniors that […] we can still get our admission rescinded if we get poor grades. But other than that I believe it’s up to the seniors, and we’ve definitely earned a good break.”

Liu brings up a good point. For college-bound seniors, it’s necessary to maintain a certain GPA in order to keep their acceptances. However, there’s still a lot less pressure to have high grades as a senior than as a sophomore or junior, and after spending so much time stressing out about grades and SAT scores, most seniors are relieved to have made it to this point and want a chance to enjoy the rest of high school and catch up on sleep before starting college next fall.

Senior Emma Gadberry shares this opinion, and stated: “We’ve done so much to get where we are, and when college apps are done, we feel like we’ve already reached our final goal. We’re done!”

Whether or not it’s deserved is debatable, but it’s safe to say that, at least for the Class of 2015, senioritis is here to stay.