Senioritis Strikes Again

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A sweatpant-clad student trudges slowly down the hallway, dragging their feet to class. Their homework is unfinished but the normal stress of such a situation is unapparent. Is this student ill? Some may say they are afflicted with so-called senioritis, a condition affecting high school seniors nationwide.

A few questions arise when discussing the topic concerning its legitimacy, the time at which it sets in and what can be done to counter it. General consensus at Albany High is that senioritis is in fact real, but there is a basic division among these believers: when senioritis hits. Many think that it becomes apparent during the second semester of senior year, but a select few see it raging from the beginning of the school year.

So, what can be done about it? Many students say that it is inevitable and even natural. However, a select group of teachers and students say that it can be avoided with simple motivation on the students’ part.

For various perspectives on this topic, watch the attached video created by AHS Video Production.