When Does Senioritis Hit?

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For most people, senior year is the best part of high school. Seniors are at the top of the kingdom after three years of serfdom. It’s a time for celebration, happiness and excitement, but for some, a dark cloud shadows senior year: senioritis.

Urban Dictionary defines senioritis as: “A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors.” A month into school, the pressing question is: when does senioritis show itself?

Senior Diego Chavez said, “It has already hit me as I have to decide whether I want to continue playing sports at a college level or focus on a degree.”

Taylor Lee, also in the Class of 2015, explained, “I feel it creep up on me every time someone mentions college applications.”

Are college applications to blame? Senior Abby Shibiru said, “I feel like it’s already starting but it’ll be in full force during the application period.”

Some people say senioritis is a second semester disease that can cause symptoms such as laziness, a drop in grades, and a concentration deficit. Senior Shrawani Neupane said, “ Once my acceptance letters come in, it will hit me and I will only want to pass my classes and get out.”

Senior Matthew Mino is hard at work on his phone.

Senior Matthew Mino is hard at work on his phone.

Senior Subash Giri concluded, “ It hasn’t hit me yet, I think it’s going to start hitting me when my college acceptance letters start coming in,” as these letters are the gateway into, “life after high school”

Teachers, counselors and parents also see the impact of senioritis.

“Frankly, senioritis seems to hits some students when they step into the high school. I just wish they play all nine innings,” said English and journalism teacher Ned Purdom.