Xu to lead ASB, Leadership Reps Elected

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After a week of being barraged by campaign posters, the Albany High student body voted in a new leadership on Thursday. The results are listed below.

ASB Positions
ASB President: Jane Xu
ASB Vice President: Sarah Xu
ASB Secretary-Treasurer: Troy Rosales
Commissioner of Publicity: Janice Shiu
Commissioner of Clubs, Diversity, and Arts: Amuunaa Zulkhuu
Commissioner of Spirit and Athletics: Lindsey Wolfe

Senior Class Council 
President: Kate Thomsen
Vice-President: Anna Tingley
Secretary-Treasurer: Sarah Obasi
Council Members: Jorge Larreynaga, Subah Sikder, Jacey DeLaTorre

Junior Class Council:
President: Julia Panian
Vice-President: Claire Horner
Secretary-Treasurer: Subeksha Sharma
Council Members: Miles King, Lily Hopwood, Jasmine Khamenian, Elizabeth Storrs, Sofia Vanderlaan

Sophomore Class Council
President: Allie Larman
Vice-President: Anne Wong
Secretary-Treasurer: Millie Kaufman
Council Members: Erolina Kamburova, Sarah Hartono, Katie Dunkle, Alyssa Ha, Mahima Silwal